Kashmiri Honey

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    This Amber coloured, velvety honey with the most pleasant aroma comes from the valleys of Kashmir.

    • Originating from the divine lands of the Himalayas, this honey can only be harvested when bees have extracted it from the multi-flower organic fields of Kashmir.
    • Kashmir Acacia flower Honey is organic, nutritious, and good for medicinal purposes as it comes from the pollution-free Kashmir valley.
    • It is the most unusual variety as every year this honey is available for a limited time periods only.
    • Kashmiri honey is rich in vitamins, minerals, and naturally occurring enzymes that are tremendously beneficial for maintaining a healthy body.

    Color : Amber and golden-hued.

    Taste : Sweet


    • Reduces your risk of heart disease, Improve immune system.
    • Treats respiratory diseases.
    • Kashmiri honey is an excellent Immunity booster, best choice when you want to improve your health. It helps in improving digestion and overall appetite.
    • Aids in the beautification of skin and hair.
    • Aids in the fight against infections.

    It can kill sweet cravings, help boost energy and aid in losing weight.